Deborah Allitt

25th September - 23rd October, 2009
exhibition statement

I love walking in open places, hills and coasts especially, and I am fascinated by views of the earth seen from the air. From these vantage points there can be a tremendous sense of scale and distance, at the coast an intensity of colour and light, in the hills wonderful changes of mood in the sky. The textures of deep geological and human history make the surface of the landscape rich in visual clues both specific and uncertain.

In my paintings I use colour, light and shade, texture and surface, space and scale, making marks both on the surface and underneath the surface, echoing the elements I see in landscapes. I build layers of paint and texture, creating something which is made up of accumulations of time passing, events taking place, ideas enacted.

Above all I use colour to imbue the painting with an emotional quality, either colours that I experienced in a particular place, or colours that evolved during the process of painting.

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Deb Allitt
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