Daniel Lingham, Sheila Ravnkilde

4th June - 9th July, 2011
exhibition statement

Daniel Lingham's latest work revolves around notions of the self. They are a reflection of transitions and perceptions through internal and external influences. It is through this focus on the individual (the human) that Daniel’s work becomes figurative in a very abstract sense. The solitary figures of ‘It’s not me it’s you’ and ‘For what it’s worth’ express the potential for detachment, both mental and social, yet still

Each represents a transitional journey of the self within the context of a desire to connect or disconnect. The reflective surface acting as the social mirror in counterpart to the broken revealed inner sections in ‘Dishing the Dirt’, ‘Surface and substance confused’ and ‘My outsides are in’ hint at an incomplete journey, unrevealed whole or segment of something greater beyond. It is the surface, the individual and the self as perceived in a particular state or moment of change, reflection and self perception.

Sheila Ravnkilde works with colour in an architectural context. In many projects she has applied areas of colour directly on to the walls. For Tarpey Gallery I have developed new colour surfaces – singles/ pairs/ singles within grid format, installed to be seen in relation to each other, and working with the gallery space.

exhibiting artists
Daniel Lingham, Sheila Ravnkilde
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