Open 2022

16th July – 14th August 2022

Opening 16th July, 2 – 5pm





About the Open

Tarpey Gallery Open 2022 continues on from last years hugely successful open with online applications and a more minimal hang. Entries were open to all artists working in the UK.


Exhibiting Artists

Rachael Addis, John Bainbridge, Tim Ball, Mark Beachell, Adam Beaumont, Nickola Beck, Sarah Blandford, Louisa Boyd, Lesley Brooks, Michael Bruzon, Jill Campbell, Claire Chandler, Peter Clayton, Kathryn Cooper, Phil Cope, Ann Cracknell, Valerie Dalling, Nicola Dennett, Lisa Denyer, Jacqui Dodds, Jane Domingos, Nicola Durrant, Gill Edwards, Christine Evans, Fran Farrar, Emma Fitzpatrick, Lotty Forbes Adam, Caroline Forward, James Fowkes, Louise Garland, Ruth Gillbanks, Fiona Gilmour, Joy Gosney, Lewis Graham, Jemma Gunning, Di Guttridge, Carole Hawthorne, Sam Haynes, Maggy Herbert-Jobson, Michelle Heron, Jane Hindmarch, Tracey Hollis Rowe, Anette Holt, Sarah Jennings, Sarah John, Sue Johnson, Lucy Jones, Julie Lawrence, Pauline Leader, Oliver Lovley, Tessa Maiden, Hugh Marwood, Paul Matosic, Rachel McCallum, Lindsey Moran, Mikk Murray, Claire Mycock, Robyn Neild, Patrick O’Donnell, Jen Orpin, Carol Pairaudeau, Leanne Pearce, Lisa Penson, Daniel Rapley, Sue Roberts, Peter Robertson, Lisa Robinson, Bernardine Rutter, Estella Scholes, Mathé Shepheard, Brian Shillitoe, Nigel Smith, Simon M Smith, Lucy Stevens, Christopher Tansey, Tori Tipton, Lindsey Tyson, Elizabeth Walker, A Rosemary Watson, Anney White, Fiona White, John Whitehill, Tamara Williams, Jodie Wingham, Martha Winter, Louise Wiseman, Emma Yeomans, Dominic Zwemmer


Artists Selected for the 2023 Exhibition Programme

Adam Beaumont, Louisa Boyd, Lesley Brooks, Jill Campbell, Claire Chandler, Jacqui Dodds, Nicola Durrant, Gill Edwards, Christine Evans, Joy Gosney, Jemma Gunning, Di Guttridge, Tracey Hollis Rowe, Sarah John, Lindsey Moran, Robyn Neild, Jen Orpin, Lisa Penson, Peter Robertson, Bernardine Rutter, Estella Scholes, Lucy Stevens, Christopher Tansey, Tori Tipton, Tamara Williams, Jodie Wingham


Main Prize Winner

Lindsey Moran – ‘Stairs – Kew Gardens’



Tarpey Gallery
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Castle Donington
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Opening Times

Thursday – Sunday
10am – 5pm


Luke Tarpey – 07772404293


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