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Sam Shendi


Graduated 1997 First class BA (Hons) at Helwen University of Fine Arts in Cairo


Winner of the £10,000 opportunity to create a new piece of public sculpture—the FIRST@108 Public Art Award, 2013.


Recent Exhibitions
2015 Group Exhibition, Newby Hall, Ripon
2015 Group Exhibition, The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey
2015 Group Exhibition, ArtNaked, Library Club, Covent Garden, London
2015 Group Exhibition, Flux, The Rag Factory London
2014 Solo Exhibition, Cartwright Hall Museum and Gallery, Bradford


Artist Statement
Graduating in 1997 with a first class BA degree with honors from Helwen University of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egyptian born sculptor Sam Shendi creates joyfully coloured abstractions of the human figure which, with the subtlest of indicators, hints at the complexity of human interactions.

Shendi’s works references the work of “minimalism”, the style of paring-down design elements and focusing on the medium of steel, aluminium and paint. Some of his works are deceptively simple in form but include the qualities of metaphorical associations, symbolism and suggestions of spiritual transcendence, which is what the artist of the 60’s and 70’s were trying to avoid.

His works whittles down the human figure to its simplest form enabling the exploration of the idea of the human form as a vessel. So by reducing the human body to a container or minimal shape, his creations become centred on an emotion or an expression. The simplicity is no longer the end result and devoid of meaning but a revelation of a hidden truth and intellectual expression.

Firmly based in modernist morphology his colourful architectural forms abbreviate the human figure and nod to his background in monumental sculpture and interior design. Shendi juxtaposes cartoonish lemon, ultraviolet and pumpkin-coloured blocks, conjuring associations with children’s toys and industrial design and lending his pieces an emotive and playful quality. His candy-coated palette animates the archetypal themes he addresses in his work. Assisted by the use of colour to deceive the eye, flouting a sense of gravity and taking the attention away from the material also gives the work a strong optical impact.

Describing himself as a figurative sculptor it is important to Shendi that the work, however minimalistic still has an impact on the viewer visually and emotionally. Recognizing his work as both literally geometric forms and industrial materials but also with additional meaning in bringing back the idea of traditional academic sculpture of humanity and emotion, results in a distinctive blend of modernity and timelessness.


Sarah Fiander


BA (hons) Visual Arts.  Lancaster University. Graduated 1995.


Joint winner of the Tarpey Gallery Midlands Open Prize 2011
Best in Show Award at Indigenous Arts, Eastwood 2011
Winner of the Castle Park Heritage & Arts Festival prize at Leicester Open21 2010


Recent Exhibitions
2014 A Creative Consensus, Derby
2014 Carnival of Monsters, Nottingham
2014 Salon 6, Cromford
2014 Boundaries, Nottingham
2014 Lady Bay Arts Festival, Nottingham


Artist Statement
Sarah Fiander graduated in 1995 from Lancaster University after completing a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts. Since then Fiander has worked with traditional tools to carve modern, abstract forms from natural materials. Inspired by the shapes of seeds, buds, fruit and other organic matter she creates simplified sculptures that have a sense of stillness. The pieces accentuate the qualities of the material that they have been carved from to create strong visual impact and intrigue the viewer.


David Booth


University of Derby  BA(Hons) Fine Art, graduated 2011


Member of Royal British Society of Sculptors  (MRBS) (Jul2014)
Associate Member of Royal British Society of Sculptors  (ARBS) (Jan2014)
Finalist for Cygnet Fund, Derby (2010)
Derby City Open 2009  3D Prize Winner of the Banks Mill Studio Award (2009)
Enterprise Inc Bursary, Derby University (2009)
Winner of Fine Art Prize ‘Sciatica’ (2009)


Recent Exhibitions
SeeArt Fair, Royal Tunbridge Wells 2015
Size Matters, Exhibit with Sculpture Network 2015
The Nightingale Sings, Mayfair, London 2015
The Moreton Gallery, Cotswolds 2014
Future Showcase, Nottingham 2014


Artist Statement
Booth is a sculptor and painter. He enjoys the creative process and, in recognition of this, deliberately selects processes which require him to make  decisions intuitively and instinctively, trusting, evaluating, disrupting, destroying and constructing. This immersive process consciously and unconsciously absorbs Booth during the creation of the work. Producing the aesthetic of organic movement, fluidity, repetition, layers. Booth exploits the philosophy of emergence in the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions; exploiting organic variance within an overall apparent repetition, selecting and discarding chance driven elements using wayward systems to create and challenge the work to emerge.

For Booth this keeps his personal practice vibrant, he thrives on producing a challenging response to material, space and context. Drawn towards repetition and multiples, creating movement and momentum. Booth draws on references to growth, journey, escape, time, combining with his transformative use of material also to reference re-invention, often exploiting the natural association of his chosen material to strengthen the context of the work.

Dale Shields


Artist Statement
From the start of my business 21 years ago, sculpture has always been a strong influence in my work. I have created sculpted furniture and designed and built shop interiors in a range of businesses all with a high sculptural bias. My present focus is on creating sculptures that uniquely explore my interests in the human and it’s need or desire to always want more. Working in wood, work will use the female form to express this emotion of need and the influence on the human desire from the source. This will present a new reality that provokes and challenges thought. I have chosen to work with wood because it is a natural and organic material. The process of sculpting allows me the opportunity to explore the link between mother earth and the female form in wood.


Michael Thacker


Stone Masonry at York college – awarded the S & J Whitehead Award for stonemasonry

Artist Statement
After studying sculpture at Loughborough University, Michael went on to study stone masonry and gained a job as a stone carver and mason at Lincoln Cathedral.
The professional skills that he has acquired over the years have given him a deep knowledge and affinity of the technical side of the stone that he works so beautifully with.
The architectural influence of his working environment is apparent in his geometric sculptures.

Michael also uses references from natural forms such as seedpods, shells fossils and plant buds.
The idea that a form develops and grows from within a hard casing to burst forth and reveal a new appearance is paramount in his thought process. He unbalances the original and juxtaposing taut polished geometric forms against roughly textured organic shapes that emerge from within.

His more recent work illustrates his new investigation into using light. Either using the simple act of gilding to reflect or accentuate light or create a glow that exudes from the centre of the stone otherwise shadowed area.


Richard Thornton


Artist Statement
With over twenty five years experience as a professional sculptor Richard has successfully completed more than 45 public art commissions for a variety of private, local authority and individual clients, including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, ASDA, University of Bradford, Morrison’s and Bio City, Nottingham.

Alongside his commissioned work he has continually developed his own practice producing collections of work exploring techniques from bronze casting to construction and focusing on subjects from the human body to abstraction to organic forms.

He has recently presented his work at various shows including the British Council, Delhi, University of Leicester summer exhibition, Doddington Hall Biennial Sculpture show and a one man show at Abbeywalk gallery.

Currently a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Richard was educated at Kingston and Nottingham Trent universities and served as sculptor fellow at the University of Exeter before teaching at various Higher Education institutions.


Paul Mason


Recent Exhibitions
Stone Landscpes. Quay Arts. Newport Isle of Wight 2005
Fermynwoods Gallery, Northampton with John Holden 2004
“Division as Structure” Reliefs & Drawings Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin 2001


Artist Statement
With several major works on permanent public display in Nottingham and others as far afield as Aberdeen and the Isle of Wight, Mason is best known for his iconic stone carved pieces that are large scale interpretations of natural form. However alongside his public art he was a prolific carver of smaller more intimate and experimental sculptures and drawings and collages. Many of these featured in exhibitions that resulted from prestigious residencies such as Tate St. Ives and Gloucester Cathedral. In his late works on paper colour broke into his output in bold and vigorous paintings; alongside reliefs, drawings and free standing sculpture. Many of these a result of responses to visits to dramatic landscapes such as Malham Cove, Yorkshire, Staffa and the Orkney’s.

“My works attempt to recognise and emulate the natural forces inherent in both carving and the geology. There is something deeply attractive and satisfying about the sculptural processes on both scales, and the dialogue between them that occurs quite naturally within the fragment and the whole.”





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