Tarpey Gallery is proud to announce our new project in partnership with Derby based sculptor and designer Daniel Lingham – Sculptorvox [the Sculptors Voice] is an attempt to delve into the people behind contemporary sculptural work; to look at the processes, driving forces and inspiration that governs, or even defines, the creative process. This is not a critique of work but an exploration into the individuals artistic endeavor of what it takes in creating the physical object.


Our vision is to create an International Contemporary Sculptural publication dedicated to the development and appreciation of contemporary international sculptural artists. Featuring Interviews and studio profiles of the worlds most innovative contemporary three-dimensional artists.


The publication is set up to encompass as broader range of individual artists as possible across the publications life cycle from web to print. With specific issues tightening the spectrum to focus on medium, process and location or a combination of these.


We are at a very early stage in the project and are currently looking for volunteers and sponsorship. Please get in touch with Luke Tarpey at this email address –

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