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Dermot Punnet’s current exhibition at Tarpey Gallery has been featured in the Guardian Guide this weekend. You can view the full catalogue of work here – the exhibition continues until 19th April 2014.


Guardian Guide, Saturday 8th March, 2014
Dermot Punnett overlays abstract forms on to recognisable landscapes to turn them into places of obscurity and intrigue. Woodland undergrowth is superimposed with mysterious geometric diagrams as if to point out some inscrutable meaning. He uses oil on canvas to precisely delineate mountainsides and treetops then resorts to what he calls “dragging techniques” to warp the viewer’s perspective. A mass of dots haunts the skyline like a flock of digitised starlings. A jungle is infiltrated by a framework of classical columns. The colours tend towards the aquatic: turquoise, deep blue, acidic green.
Robert Clarke

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