Val Hudson, Call and Response

August 23rd - September 19th, 2015
exhibition statement

Val’s shifting, evocative and atmospheric paintings engage with “the insubstantial, transient nature of existence as expressed through colour and form, the elements, open spaces and the play of light”.

Drawing on many ideas and influences these abstract, landscape-like paintings - that strive to make the invisible, visible - invite us to have our own imaginative response in our endeavour to create meaning. Val’s paintings are like a portal. They are a creative “conversation” between the viewed and the viewer.

Val layers oil and wax on canvas then scrapes-back to create pieces that are contemplative, meditative and mysterious. They are textural, intimate, paradoxical and poetic and engage with the potential of emptiness and silence.

“Often, the starting point for a painting is a piece of music, a poem, or a person’s life, something that touches me, something that cannot be put into words, something I want to respond to. In the process of painting I try not to force anything to happen but rather ‘let go’ into the work.”

To fully appreciate Val’s paintings the viewer should also “let go” and allow the paintings to speak.

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Val Hudson
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