Towards the Horizon by Alison Tyldesley

May 7th - June 19th, 2016
exhibition statement

My love of landscape is the driving force behind all my paintings. I am inspired by the drama of rapidly changing weather, light and colour. In particular, I am fascinated by the Peak District as I walk along its rugged edges and pathways. I aim to capture movement, intense light and atmosphere- particularly glowing horizons, wild skies, receding hills and textured foregrounds.  My intention is to create an emotional response to landscape and successfully negotiate the delicate balance between representation and abstraction.  My paintings are not usually depictions of a particular scene, although I do sometimes refer to the sketches I have made as I walk the landscape.  My work draws on memory and imagination. Paintings emerge over time as I layer colour to create texture, movement, light effects and tone.  In addition, I scrape, scratch, drip and rework the paint until the process itself takes over

exhibiting artists
Alison Tyldesley
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