Tom Pitt

1st June - 13th July, 2013
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is proud to introduce Up-and-Coming Nottingham based painter Tom Pitt, selected for last years prestigious John Moores Painting Prize he is about to embark on the first solo show of his burgeoning young career - Between Object and Place will feature a new body of work inspired by the objects and places he has found and experienced since moving to the Midlands.
"I paint places, objects, or things that I would categorise somewhere between place and object. They are the starting point for a process of improvisation and meditation. Subject matter comes to me slowly - Places I've walked by hundreds of times or a photo that I put aside years ago can suddenly make sense as part of my practice."
Tom Pitt
Tom's new series of work is evolving with the processes he uses to form these new landscapes - sanding and scraping back paint, the marks made are incorporated into a new layer, through each layer there is a dialogue between painting, the subject and artist. The finished painting with traces of preceding layers reveals the history of the subject matter and invites the viewer to discover the past, present and future of a place both real and imagined.
"In an extremely competitive Midlands Open 2012, 'Church' by Tom Pitt stood out and was the clear winner of our first prize of a solo show at Tarpey Gallery - we can't wait to see his new collection of work at Tarpey Gallery."
Luke Tarpey, Gallery Director

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Tom Pitt
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