Summer Exhibition 2019

August 10th - September 29th, 2019
exhibition statement

We are excited to present our 2019 Summer Exhibition, we have selected our favourite pieces from eight of our represented artists studios to curate a diverse selection of some of the finest painting, sculpture and printmaking in the East Midlands.

Peter Clayton's collection of new work is inspired by Stoneywell Woods, a fine example of an ancient oak woodland within the Charnwood Forest Natural Area. Existing long before medieval times, it is one of the few ancient semi-natural woodlands in the area that has been relatively undisturbed.

Catherine Headley displays a selection of collagraph prints and large and small scale paintings on both board and canvas inspired from visits to Penwith in Cornwall, a magical land encircled by seas. The Colours, intensified by the dazzling Atlantic light, are the gorse and the heather, sea and sky, the strident greens and yellows and orange-gold of lichens on granite and a multitude of greys.

Richard Perry has three sculptures on display in the main exhibition space, Folly in Cove Red Sandstone, Star stone in Copp Crag and Star 2 in Irish Blue Limestone. They are inspired by the asymmetry of landscape and a sense of form, shape, space and change that makes each environment unique.

Deb Allitt has produced four new paintings for this exhibition with a focus on colour and a change of palette for these newly produced landscapes that look to convey the sense that you as the viewer are in the landscape, experiencing it and moving through it

Andrew Macara will have two of his hugely popular snow scenes in the show, both feature sledging in Derbyshire. Light and shade is an important subject in itself in the construction of Macara's paintings and suits the contrasting forms inherent in his snow covered landscape works.

In Lewis Noble’s oil and mixed media works, the paintings stand-in for the landscape itself. The process of building many layers of paint over time, eroding and repainting, has echoes in the way the landscape is made. These are not photographic frozen moments but paintings which contain all the time it took to make them.

Kerri Pratt has a selection of Giclee prints on display made from her catalogue of landscape paintings which follow a formal approach using drawing and photography to investigate form, structure, texture and space. They are inspired by travel and encounters with new places but are not necesarrily representational of a specific location.

Serena displays work from her extensive catalogue, these works frequently bring together digital imaging with hand drawn stone lithography to create both a methodology, and a graphic syntax. The objects that emerge from this visual language, shaped as they are by serendipity and systematic limitations, knowingly play with the potential for lyrical ambiguity inherent within the structures of pictorial communication.

exhibiting artists
Peter Clayton, Catherine Headley, Richard Perry, Deb Allitt, Andrew Macara, Lewis Noble, Kerri Pratt, Serena Smith
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