Sarah R Key

1st October - 5th November, 2011
exhibition statement

No Fixed Agenda: Paintings by Sarah R Key

Sometimes masked, the creatures in my work are often indiscernible in their identity. The paintings combine an open approach to narrative content with a formal approach to painting the flat grounds. Alone or in gangs, the creatures may be confronting the viewer, or be involved in some sort of spurious activity. Their motives are furtive and uncertain, their moods variously melancholic, bold, mischievous and solemn. The suggestive power relationships between them are deliberately ambiguous and provocative. The work attempts to absorb and transform some of life’s absurdities, however it does not entirely trust human beings to deliver this message. The idea here is one of an ostensibly human ethical code transplanted onto another kind of being, staring out of the paintings through different eyes. My work also draws on contemporary and historical cultural references that collapse into the dreamlike or nightmarish, transformed into an imaginary world that is perhaps solely inhabited by these odd hybrids. These creatures may well be travelling through time and memory, imagined and real, to reveal a bemused and dangerous legacy. They do not obey rules. They have no identifiable history. They have no fixed agenda.

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Sarah R Key
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