Peter Clayton

25th January - 1st March
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is proud to host an exhibition of painting and printmaking by the multi talented Leicester based artist Peter Clayton from the 25th January to 1st March. Taking inspiration from people, places and literature - Chance, Choice and Change encompasses a wide variety of media and approaches including; portraits on panels combining various print and painting media, paint and silk-screen collages and a series of small mixed media work on panels inspired by coastal and woodland environments.

Since he graduated in 1981 Peter has shown in over 160 solo and group exhibitions around the country and has work in private and public collections around the world. He has taken part in a number of residences and undertaken many commissions for interior designers, publishers, museums and art galleries.

Working from the inspiring and supportive environment of Leicester Print Workshop his work explores a wide variety of approaches and over the past twelve months has collaborated with - amongst others - filmmakers, photographers and university departments which help make up what is an extremely diverse and exciting studio practice.

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Peter Clayton
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