Part of the Process – Tim Southall, Catherine Headley, Laine Tomkinson, Peter Clayton

March 25th - April 30th, 2017
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is excited to present Part of the Process, a group exhibition featuring work by Tim Southall, Catherine Headley, Laine Tomkinson and Peter Clayton. All four artists work has a level of crossover between the respective practices of painting and printmaking and each artist will be showing a number of works that reflect the relative influences from one medium to the other.

Each artist’s work may have very different final aesthetic sensibilities but the main principles of their artistic practices stay the same, using two of the worlds most popular artistic mediums to bounce ideas of one another until a balance has been found.

The base upon which Tim Southall builds his work is metaphysics: existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. Using these guides, he expresses how he sees and experiences the world. This he does mostly through the landscape or the figure in the landscape.

Catherine Headley’s inspiration comes from visits to Penwith in Cornwall, a magical land encircled by seas. Colours, intensified by the dazzling Atlantic light, are the gorse and the heather, sea and sky, the strident greens and yellows and orange-gold of lichens on granite and a multitude of greys.

Laine Tomkinson’s work represents specific experiences when painting or printing, orchestrating a personal array of shapes and marks, then building up layers of colours to develop an image that is both true to the initial sensation and which – hopefully- quickens the pulse. Recently I’ve been experimenting adding layers of paint over an already colour saturated print- producing a one off mixed media work.

Peter Clayton’s landscapes are inspired by travels and environments closer to home. Rather than being of a single viewpoint the pictures are an amalgamation of experiences. Some are based on specific places others more about the mood or physical attributes of a type of environment.

The ultimate challenge of the exhibition is to make the otherwise invisible processes visible. To conceptualise, articulate and communicate the core processes of these two hugely influential mediums to the viewer.

exhibiting artists
Tim Southall, Catherine Headley, Laine Tomkinson, Peter Clayton
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