Other Places by Lois Wallace

10th November - 21st December, 2018
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is excited to announce ‘Other places’ a new series of paintings by Midlands Open 2016 prizewinner Lois Wallace.

These new works have evolved through an interest in the Northern European Romantic tradition, where the landscape can be seen as a metaphor for the human condition and whilst the narratives created within the works are recognisable and familiar they are at the same time unsettling through contrasting pictorial elements. The oppositions of space and limitation, inclusion and exclusion are subjective but can be seen to reflect wider social concerns.

Each one of the seventeen paintings on show here uses copper as the surface material which has been used as a painting support since the Renaissance, this connection between the past and present is important to the artist and the underlying narrative of the works. The paintings are made using transparent layers of oil paint on the copper surface. The warmth of the copper ground glows through the layers of paint to create light, atmosphere and a sense of illumination from within.

We hope you can join us for the opening night on November 10th, 6 - 8pm for an early viewing and a chance to meet the artist.

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Lois Wallace
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