Open 2021

23rd October – 14th November 2021
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery Open 2021 takes over from the Midlands Open which ran from 2009 – 2017 and will be a more streamlined affair with online applications and a more minimal hang. The Open aims to offer a visually stunning and diverse exhibition presenting a dynamic array of artworks from all Contemporary Fine Art disciplines. This year's exhibition will feature the very best work selected from entries by artists from across the UK.

exhibiting artists
Ashley Allen, Nina Archer, Sharon Baker, Richard Baker, Sue Baker Kenton, Tim Ball, Hazel Battersby, Adam Beaumont, Keith Bloody Mary, Julia Brown, Helen Carr, Jill Campbell, Tom Cartmill, Caroline Chappell, Jeannie Clark, Peter Clayton, Anna Colbert, Rowena Comrie, Peggy Cozzi, Chris Dale, Stevie Davies, Lisa Denyer, Richard Devereux, Jacqui Dodds, Gill Edwards, Pam Everard, Emma Fitzpatrick, Maxine Foster, Martin Freeman, Gill Gathercole, Nic Gear, Anne Guest, Diane Guttridge, Dan Hamer, Matt James Healy, Maggy Herbert-Jobson , Anette Holt, Sarah Jennings, Jane King, Gerry Keon, Irena Kurowska, Paul Liptrot, Oliver Lovley, Shaun Morris, Mikk Murray, Lisa Penson, Georgia Peskett, Clare Phelan, Katherine Rhodes, Pauline Rignall, Peter Robertson, David Robertson, Dennis Rollason, Corrina Rothwell, Frances Ryan, Lois Gardner Sabet, Jane Sarre, John Simpson, Nigel Smith, Derek Sprawson, Lucy Stevens, Shirley Stevenson, Lisa Tank, Marek Tobolewski, Anna Turner, Angela Verdon, Elizabeth Walker, Linda Wallis, Lesley Warrington, Mark Watkins, Rosemary Wels
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