Nick Hedderly, New Work

15th November - 20th December, 2014
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is excited to present an exhibition of new work by Nottingham based painter Nick Hedderly, from 15th November - 20th December, 2014.

Following on from his highly successful inaugural solo show at Tarpey Gallery in 2012 these new works continue to explore notions of transience and our relationship to the buildings and people that form the core of the works subject matter. The exhibition will feature works based both close to his hometown and further afield, including the edgeland areas around the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire borders and the iconic 700 year old Goose Fair. In direct contrast to the duality of urban and rural that defines the edgelands, Hedderly also takes the viewer to the bustling centre of the London metropolis.

"The Edgeland subject matter is full of change, things come and go and their use changes. Also modern buildings maybe aren't built to last like older ones or the motivation to preserve them isn't there also - but generally I think things are much more transient than we'd like to think. Once you look at it that way it gets a new sort of energy and it feels much more in the present and alive." Nick Hedderly, OldKnows Studio, September, 2014

Alongside the finished paintings the exhibition will also include a number of studies in pencil which are an integral part of Hedderly's studio practise.

"I make myself do a drawing so it imprints itself on the mind – it makes you select visual info which you choose as important and you get an idea of the proportions of things as you see them. I also take photos – especially if there’s a lot of architectural detail or is fleeting and at night." Nick Hedderly, OldKnows Studio, September, 2014

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