Midlands Open 2013

30th November, 2013 - 11th January, 2014
exhibition statement

Midlands Open 2013 is Tarpey Gallery’s annual open submissions exhibition, this year taking place from 30th November, 2013 - 11th January, 2014. The fifth annual Midlands Open aims to offer a visually stunning and diverse exhibition presenting a dynamic array of artworks from all Contemporary Fine Art disciplines. This years exhibition will feature the very best work selected from entries by artists living and working in the Midlands region.
We are pleased to announce that last years hugely successful addition of a solo show at Tarpey Gallery as a main prize will return for Midlands Open 2013. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your work to Tarpey Gallery, which is earning a reputation for showing and selling some of the most exciting contemporary fine art outside of London.

exhibiting artists
David Mallard, Joy Arden, Patricia Cunningham, Jeannie Brown, Gabriel Tajeda, Suzanne King, Peter Clayton, Sally Hill, Michael Bruzon, Dorothy Dexter, Laine Tomkinson, Chris Reynolds, Jessica Paige-Greig, Jane Domingos, Chloe Langlois, Antonietta Sacco, Neil Coultas, Joan Ainley, Steve Gresham, Paula Reid, Pauline Woolley, Kevin Holdaway, Pam Everard, Jacqui Dodds, Carol Pairaudeau, Jo Beattie, Mark Beattie, Kerri Pratt, Geraldine Y Smith, Judy Liebert, Jane Pepper, Lois Gardner Sabet, Hugh Miller, Bob Hall, Patricia Ferguson, Karen MacInnes, Richard devereux, Val Hudson, Stephen Butler, Gail McGregor, Joyce Thomas, John McGowan, Kevin willetts, Sandy Bartle, Nicola rae, Joy Arden, Clay Smith, Rachel Wing, Louisa Chambers, David Walton, Chrissie Everard, Tim Ball, Sylvia Owens, Rosemary Wels, Tony Moss, Kevin A Pickering, Roger Eastoe, Alan Jenkins, Loiuse Macintosh-Watson, Dermott Punnett, Geoffrey Jones, Mandy Payne, Pauline Lucas, Kay Bainbridge, Susan Greenaway, Matt Mackan, Maggie Cooper, Caroline Frestadius, Peter Hillier
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