Mandy Payne, Between Places and Spaces

26th April - 31st May, 2014
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is excited to introduce our followers to Sheffield based painter and printmaker Mandy Payne. Exhibiting a broad spectrum of work that ranges from Collagraphs to Paintings on Concrete. 'Between Places and Spaces' is Mandy Payne's inaugural solo show and will be on display from the 26th April to the 31st of May, 2014.

Mandy Payne has had an incredibly successful breakthrough year, after graduating from Nottingham University with a first class degree in 2013, Mandy has since had two works displayed at the Threadneedle Prize and has now been accepted into the prestigious John Moores with her exciting series of works on concrete depicting the since renovated Park Hill flats from her native town in Yorkshire.

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of work touching on the many facets that make up the artists studio practice, specifically works from her portfolio that focus on landscapes 'From the City to the Countryside'.

Guardian Guide, Sat 3 May, 2014
Sheffield's Grade II*-listed Park Hill flats are in the process of being reassessed as a modernist treasure. Yet, as the concrete blocks await gentrification, there is the danger of their brutalist grandeur being aesthetically dissolved. The Sheffield-based artist Mandy Payne recognises this in Between Places And Spaces, a series of unforgiving paintings of the flats. Payne often paints directly with aerosols on to concrete. Her compositions – bold arrangements of blank-faced geometric walls, empty windows and deserted walkways – similarly pull no pictorial punches.
Robert Clarke

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Mandy Payne
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