Language of Form

24th June - 29th July
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is proud to present ‘Language of Form’, taking place from 24th June - 29th July. The exhibition features work by four local artists with national reputations. Whilst each artist brings their own unique perspective to landscape painting the underlying trait that unites their prospective artworks is that of balancing the aesthetic sensibilities of representational and expressive painting.

Lewis Noble, Heather Duncan, Elaine Kazimierczuk and Alison Tyldesley all have a very passionate relationship with the landscape they paint and have each developed a unique visual language in order to bring their own personal experiences of time spent in our ever beautiful and changeable countryside to life.

In Lewis Noble’s works, the paintings stand in for the landscape itself. The process of building many layers of paint over time, eroding and repainting, has echoes in the way the landscape is made. These are not photographic frozen moments but paintings which contain all the time it took to make them.

For Elaine Kazimierczuk Painting is seeing something anew, describing and re-interpreting. The aim of the work is to reveal a fascination, a passion even, for the subject, and so present something more than is casually observed.

Heather Duncan’s works takes it’s inspiration from my everyday life, from landscape, music and poetry, and from memories. Each painting is drawn from a stream of consciousness, often starting in landscape but moving away from representation and becoming more abstract and expressive.

Alison Tyldesley aims to capture movement, intense light and atmosphere particularly glowing horizons, wild skies, receding hills and textured foregrounds. Her intention is to create an emotional response to landscape and successfully negotiate the delicate balance between representation and abstraction.

exhibiting artists
Lewis Noble, Heather Duncan, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Alison Tyldesley
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