Horizon Lines by Jim Tarpey

5th - 20th June, 2021
exhibition statement

"This exhibition brings together a body of work made over the last year. The idea of the exhibition is to look at both the small architectural three-dimensional work alongside the much larger paintings that are dealing with texture, colour and speed across the canvas.

The paintings are primarily concerned with studying the horizon line: the way the end of the sea touches the the sky; the way the sky presses down on to the sea; how that line is painted. I am looking to build this idea into my work observing their weight and colour as the soft uncertain space between them intertwine.

The maquettes look at how we impose our designs on the planet. Although these are small scale constructions, they deal with the monumental impact that we are having on our environment: always wanting to create grand designs, forever encroaching on space and our future horizons." Jim Tarpey

My Dad will turn 70 this year and to celebrate we are having a little gathering in the garden with music and drinks to accompany the launch of his solo show of paintings and relief works on June 5th, 2 - 5pm and we would be thrilled if you can join us!

exhibiting artists
Jim Tarpey
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