Heather Duncan, The world within

May 23rd - June 27th, 2015
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is excited to announce that Derbyshire based painter Heather Duncan will be displaying a new collection of work from May 23rd - June 27th, 2015 titled 'The World Within'.

Whilst rooted in the landscape this new body of work also draws it’s inspiration from everyday life, memories of time spent and music and poetry listened to. Each painting becoming a stream of consciousness, often moving away from representation and becoming more abstract and expressive.

There is a balance found in these works between the landscape and the memories of the artists experiences within it. The beauty in the grey mist of an October morning, excitement in the gunmetal sky of an approaching summer storm, the sharpness of the wind as it assaults your face or the conversations shared amidst the gentleness of a salt-laden sea breeze.

“I have a deep and strong connection with the expansive open moorlands of the north of England where I spent my childhood, this openness into which I escaped both physically and emotionally is reflected in my work..”
Heather Duncan, 2015

Each piece is approached in an open and intuitive way, however this spontaneity is also measured with controlled and considered choices of colour, gesture and mark-making. The work invites free interpretation from the viewer, and yet each painting is a highly personal and emotive response to experiences within the British landscape that we all know and love.

“The exhibition promises to be a riot of colour and emotion, of discovery and the joy of sharing these experiences with family and friends.”
Luke Tarpey, Gallery Director, 2015

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Heather Duncan
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