March 1st - May 31st, 2019
exhibition statement

An exhibition of work handpicked from the studios of Lewis Noble, Serena Smith, and Tim Ball on display in the main exhibition space from April 1st - June 9th.

In Lewis Noble’s oil and mixed media works, the paintings stand in for the landscape itself. The process of building many layers of paint over time, eroding and repainting, has echoes in the way the landscape is made. These are not photographic frozen moments but paintings which contain all the time it took to make them.

Tim Ball's paintings offer an abstract view of landscape as seen in hedgerows, woodlands and other wild places. Natural forms such as branches, shrubs and foliage begin to create their own unique shapes as rich colours created as light passes between their structures.

Serena will be displaying work from her extensive catalogue, these works frequently bring together digital imaging with hand drawn stone lithography to create both a methodology, and a graphic syntax. The objects that emerge from this visual language, shaped as they are by serendipity and systematic limitations, knowingly play with the potential for lyrical ambiguity inherent within the structures of pictorial communication.

exhibiting artists
Lewis Noble, Serena Smith, Tim Ball
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