Fantastical Landscapes by Jackie Berridge

28th October - 26th November, 2017
exhibition statement

Tarpey Galley is proud to present Fantastical Landscapes by Jackie Berridge, an exhibition of new work from the winner of the Tarpey Gallery Prize from our sponsorship of Nottingham Castle Open 2015.

This new body of work focuses on 'Fantastical' paintings that provide a theatre of imaginary landscapes, fictional characters and various props for the viewer to interpret. From the kindest of gestures to sinister acts of Machiavellian treachery the work is concerned with the tiny tales of growing und crumbling relationships and the environments that they take place in. Groupings of individuals and lone characters suggest leaders and factions mimicking the hierarchy of the workplace, different social strata or power struggles in the boardroom.

Although Jackie Berridge's work is firmly rooted in observational drawing she takes inspiration from a number of sources including the Starship Enterprise, Gogglebox, Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads' and the decorative elements of Medieval paintings.

These landscapes create the perfect environment for games and human interaction. Join us on 28th October, 6 - 8pm for an evening dedicated to the fantastical wonders of the imagination.

exhibiting artists
Jackie Berridge
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