Dermot Punnett

8th March - 19th April
exhibition statement

My work oscillates between painting as image and painting as a material process. I’m concerned with the tension that exists between the illusion and the surface.

Working from personal photography and found images, I utilize the effects of reproduction and pixilation on a painterly aesthetic.

I start by painting the image in a representational manner and then apply dragging techniques, pushing and pulling the paint and causing ruptures in the image.

Within this I use geometrical abstractions, playing on a sense of entropy and order; the impermanence of form, but also the crystalline nature of its emergence. Through this process I try to understand and internalize perception and experience, whilst reflecting on a sense of modern day anxiety.

Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington, Sat 8 Mar to 19 Apr
Dermot Punnett overlays abstract forms on to recognisable landscapes to turn them into places of obscurity and intrigue. Woodland undergrowth is superimposed with mysterious geometric diagrams as if to point out some inscrutable meaning (work pictured). He uses oil on canvas to precisely delineate mountainsides and treetops then resorts to what he calls “dragging techniques” to warp the viewer’s perspective. A mass of dots haunts the skyline like a flock of digitised starlings. A jungle is infiltrated by a framework of classical columns. The colours tend towards the aquatic: turquoise, deep blue, acidic green.
Robert Clarke

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Dermot Punnett
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