David Manley

20th July - 31st August, 2013
exhibition statement

Kegworth based painter and photographer, David Manley is exhibiting a new series of abstract paintings that draw their inspiration from the world of deadly viruses at the Tarpey Gallery from 20th July to 31st August.

“In these paintings the artist is taking electron microscopic images as the jumping off point for some very lively and colourful shaped pictures that appear abstract but in fact are really depictions of nasty viruses such as Ebola” says Gallery Director Luke Tarpey.

The artist himself suggests that “In the modern world we take a great deal on trust especially in the field of science and technology. We ‘see’ these things only through the prism of technology most of us do not understand”. In the paintings he plays with colour and form to create images that, in a manner of speaking, are portraits – albeit of things we can never see with our own eyes.

The recent concern over the new ‘Novel Corona’ virus that has attracted a great deal of media coverage is mirrored in this exhibition with a ‘portrait’ of this virus. “As yet the scientific jury is still out on this one” says artist David Manley, “but I figured it looked good and it has killed already so it qualified as ‘Deadly Delicious’.

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David Manley
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