Colin Halliday, New Work

27th September - 8th November,
exhibition statement

Tarpey Gallery is thrilled to host an exhibition of new work by Colin Halliday from 27th September - 1st November, 2014. Painted on location in his native Derbyshire, these new works are not only a reflection of the joy of being in the landscape but also a celebration of the very essence of paint itself.
"Apart from the sheer joy of being there seeing all the beauty and experiencing all the elements which is enough in itself, I think the sense of light I get in my painting far exceeds what I can do in the studio."
Colin Halliday, 2014
The subject matter concerns itself with the classic English landscape; streams, rivers, hedgerows places that could be almost anywhere in England. This conscious choice within the composition of the work stems from a need to elevate the painting to being more about the actual process of painting itself and less about where the view is, this new work is, above all else about the application of paint.
"I started painting outdoors seven years ago and it has gradually built up to the point where that is nearly all I do. How and what materials I use has changed a lot in an attempt to find my way into this glorious subject matter. Gone are the accidents, drips and smudges to be replaced for the last two years by a thick generous application of oil paint. A conscious decision that the accidents were a step removed and had become too easy almost that if I had continued it would become formulaic and too easy. It felt removed because it wasn’t all in my control and making each mark more directly feels closer, more honest, hand made and unique."
Colin Halliday, 2014
Tarpey Gallery Manager Luke Tarpey says of the exhibition "This is an inspiring new body of work by one of the regions most exciting painters, this is not to be missed by collectors and enthusiasts alike."

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Colin Halliday
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